Tuesday, 20 November 2007

That's not a Taser... This is a Taser!

The issue of Police Tasers has hit the headlines recently, after a video surfaced showing a 40 year old Polish immigrant being tasered by Canadian police at Vancouver International Airport, just minutes before he died.

The amateur video shows Polish man Robert Dziekanski writing and screaming in pain as he is hit repeatedly by a taser gun. Four police officers then piled on top of the traveller to try and control him. The officers have since been "reassigned to different posts".

Canadian federal police have defended their use of Tasers as being "safe and effective in most cases", despite 18 people having died in Canada in the past four years after being struck by a taser.

Now it's been revealed that three American men died over the past weekend in seperate incidents, after being zapped by Tazers during police confrontations there.

Police are worried that incidents like this will increase public pressure to ban or further limit their use of taser guns. Police in New Zealand have been trialling tasers for the last year, but they have yet to be approved for use by frontline officers.

Maybe the public would be more receptive to tasers if the NZ Police bought models like these ones...
This innocent looking pink baby seal toy is actually a deadly taser, capable of delivering a pretty respectable 195 volt charge!

It's very cute and small enough to double up as an ordinary keychain, making it a great Christmas gift for any concerned parent or partner!

* Source: OhGizmo!: Be Nice To Baby Seals (Or Else)

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