Tuesday, 20 November 2007

New York cont. - The Speights Delivery boys

The Speights Great Beer Delivery was one of the more inspired marketing ideas of the year... picking a bunch of "regular" kiwi lads to help take a genuine Speights pub (full of beer) to the UK, by sea.

The pub reached its London destination in early October, having travelled via Samoa, Panama, the Bahamas, and New York City.

I was lucky enough to have a quick trip onboard the boat before it departed Dunedin, NZ on its voyage, but unfortunately I was still going to be travelling when the guys were due to arrive in London.

However, through no intentional planning whatsoever, my own arrival in NYC from London happened to coincide with the lads' arrival in port.
The original plan for a welcome party at the Speights pub onboard the boat was nixed by the US Port Authority, but everyone had just as good a time at the New Zealand-themed bar/restaurant Nelson Blue, down in Manhattan's South St Seaport district...

The Speights Great Beer Delivery crew toast to NYC,
along with a few hangers on at Nelson Blue... ;-)

With Dunedin's crew representative, Jamie Munro

Three former Channel 9'ers -Dave, Andrew, & AJ -
but only one beer...

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