Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Kiwiblog's DPF for Prime Minister? ;-)

Prominent NZ blogger David Farrar from Kiwiblog has raised the idea of forming a new political party, with the specific aim of campaigning against the draconian "Electoral Finance Bill". The Labour Party is trying to ram the very dodgy bill through, with the help of their equally dodgy partners including Winston First, the Greens, and United Future.

David Farrar (with perhaps a hint of 'tongue in cheek') points out that a party aimed at seeking publicity against the EFB would have a spending limit of $1 million, rather that the ridiculous level of $60,000 which Labour want to introduce.

The Labour Party was (not surprisingly) in the extreme minority during submissions to Parliament's Electoral law and justice committee.

The other groups strongly backing the EFB were The Alliance (who?), CTU, PSA, Campaign Against Foreign Control of New Zealand (is this a NZ First vehicle?), and a Community Law Centre in Whitirea (where?)

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