Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Dave's Vacation Part 1: Stockholm

Yeh, I know I got back home from my month-long vacation in early October, but things have been flat out with work and Grease and everything ;-)

Here's the start of my promised updates about where I went and what I saw during my annual break this year...

My pilgrimage to 'Maratone' in Stockholm...
This innocent looking building houses Maratone Studios - home of the "World's Greatest Music Producer" Max Martin (along with Rami, Arnthor Birgisson, Savan Kotecha and other geniuses.)

Outside the pan-Asian restaurant "East", co-owned by Max Martin

Inside "East" with Rachael... Great food, seriously serious prices!!

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  1. jennifer Says:

    how on earth did you find out that max martin co-owns a pan-Asian restaurant in Stockholm? i am a huge fan of his and would give anything to tour maratone studios and meet max. who does he co-own the restaurant with? you are so lucky to have seen these places! too bad you didn't meet him...

  2. Dave Gee Says:

    ;-) It was information shared by other Max Martin fans online. Yes, unfortunately no tour or Max-meeting this time around. I'm not sure who else owns the restaurant "East" sorry, just know Max is one of the investors (he often takes his recording artists there after a long day in the studio too, great restaurant!)