Friday, 12 October 2007

They won in 1987, Will that do?

Okay, now that the All Blacks have failed to win the Rugby World Cup for fifth time in a row, can we please stop having to refer to them as "the best team in the world" and "the hot favourites" to take out any particular rugby tournament.

They apparently won the cup back in 1987 - Isn't that enough? Let's give some other New Zealand sports teams a bit more coverage instead.

(* Hat tips to Clint Heine and Whale Oil respectively)

(On the good news front, the Breakers won their first home game of the season, and Kirk Penney looks like he's nearly back to form after his injury...!)

My favourite All Blacks/World Cup joke of the day came courtesy of email newsletter Popbitch...
Q: Did you hear about the new All Blacks bra?
A: It's got great support, but no cups!
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