Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Labour backs Islamic recruitment drive

The loopy liberal sections of the MSM are embracing the fact that this week has apparently been declared "Islam Awareness Week" in New Zealand.

The Office of Ethnic Affairs and the Human Rights Commission are backing the initiative, which local muslims claim is "an attempt to dispel suspicion and mistrust of their faith".

The Labour-led Government has also lent its support to promoting awareness of Islam, despite many MPs claiming the Government shouldn't be involved in religion recently, when moves were made to ditch the daily prayer in Parliament.

The false religion of Islam claims to be the religion of peace, but as The Briefing Room website notes, there is growing concern over the intentions of Islamic groups, and "growing controversy about the spread of Islamic schools and the fundamentalism associated with them... How far should Western tolerance extend towards an intolerant religion". also features a link to a story from the United States, where a new publicly funded Arabic-themed school in Brooklyn, New York has many local parents and teachers worried it will "draw students from a radical mosque tied to terrorism, and become an incubator for young jihadists."

* And on that note... Thanks to the internet explorations of Blair Mulholland for this little gem from Jihad! The Musical...

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