Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Clint's YouTube roundup...

The recently-hitched (poor girl... run away now!) Clint Heine is always great at tracking down the best video clips and unusual stories online... so with a big tip of the hat to Mr Heine, here's two of his recent discoveries which are both hilarious in their own way...

* James Blunt shows us he has a sense of humour, performing a "triangular" parody of his hit song You're Beautiful on the new season of that classic TV show, Sesame Street.

* And watch the fun and games in Alabama as the team from UK TV show Top Gear find themselves on the run, after provoking the anger of some redneck hicks in a small town.

(They didn't seem to appreciate the boys' humour in decorating their cars with slogans like "Country & Western Sucks", "NASCAR Sucks", "Man-love Rules", and "Hillary for President"... ;-)

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