Thursday, 26 July 2007

Gone by lunchtime

3 News is reporting that embattled Minister of the Environment, David Benson-Pope, could be about to be sacked after he contradicted himself in Parliament.

The Labour Party MP admitted today that he did in fact have an opinion on the appointment of Madeleine Setchell, saying "I will likely be less free and frank in meetings with such a person."

That appears to contradict statements he made in media interviews earlier this week, where he claimed he knew nothing about the situation or "that woman". It seems he hasn't learnt from past mistakes that little lies have a way of coming back to bite you.

NZ Herald journalist Audrey Young notes that Benson-Pope has misled the Prime Minister and the public, including herself. Hillin Cluck has steadfastly supported him despite his long list of scandals, lies, denials, and backtracks, but surely even she must have had enough.

The PM is now reported to be going through the recent transcripts of media interviews with Benson-Pope, to decide whether the Dunedin South MP can keep his cabinet job, or whether it's time for a little re-shuffle.

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** UPDATE: Yep, Gone by Lunchtime! (11.30am in fact)... Local electorate committee claim to be 100% behind PSB... We'll have to wait and said what Head Office and our Popular and Competent Prime Minister have to say about that ;-)

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