Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Be an Individual on the road

In today's world, there's a lot of different names, numbers, codes, and passwords to remember. I've had my current car for a few years now, but still can't remember the registration number when I'm asked to write it down on a form, or if people are checking who's left their lights on ;-)

I guess one simple way of helping me remember my license plate would be to get a Personalised plate... you know one of those snappy ones like "IMC00L" or "PLAYAH".

They stand out when you're stuck in traffic, but the recent trend in the UK is to go one step further and show your support for your favourite football club or region by customising number plates with added badges, backgrounds, and slogans.

The website www.4plates.co.uk lets you customise your individual (all acrylic) license plates by choosing from a range of different backgrounds, badges (flags, football clubs, car makes), and borders online. It's a great idea for a stand-out plate for yourself, or for a truly unique gift.

You can also add an extra 'slogan' to all Number plates and show plates, and even design your own plate or badge if you want something totally personal. (There's no Newcastle United badge or any basketball or cricket badges up on the site yet, so I think I'd have to try that option!...)

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