Thursday, 19 July 2007

All the Celebrity Goss in one place

The Web 2.0 'Digg' trend continues, with a new site aimed at aggregating all the latest celebrity gossip and entertainment news in one place. updates its database every 5 minutes, gathering the hottest celebrity news stories, rumours and scandals, as well as the latest photos from the web's top gossip and entertainment sites.

Users can vote and leave comment on any of the stories, with the top items and newest gossip appearing on the front page. Stories are grouped by celebrity or similar topics, with Top 10 lists featuring the Most Talked About Celebrities and the Most Viewed Pictures.

The site is likely to prove popular with web surfers looking for the latest stories. It was interesting to follow the recent controversy over psycho-crazy MSNBC newsreader Mika Brzezinski, who threw a temper tantrum on air and refused to read stories about Paris Hilton's release from jail, as a protest against the so-called "dumbing down" of news.

Brzezinski received some support from loopy lefties and the "worthy but dull" brigade, but the fact remains that despite what people might say, most would rather find out what a famous celebrity is up to, rather than what some politician or academic had to say ;-)

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