Wednesday, 6 June 2007

48 Hours Film - Bain: The Musical - The Photos

Through my mate Matt Landreth, I was involved recently in the Dunedin heat of the 48 Hours NZ Film Competition.

The challenge is to create a short film (less than 7 minutes) in under 48 Hours. Each team draws a random genre, and has to include 3 assigned random elements in their films... a particular character, prop, and line.

Matt had seconded some of his flatmates, family members, and other friends... and after we drew 'Musical' as our genre, we nabbed a few extra theatre mates to feature in our mini-spectacular.

For our film, Bain: The Musical (The Trevor Bain Story), Matt & I shared the songwriting duties, and once all the songs and music were recorded onto computer, we started shooting and lip-syncing to the music.

Burt Hall Banana Republic Productions' film got a good response in the first Dunedin heat, picking up the Audience Award and going through to the Dunedin final on Thursday night.

Here's some Bain musical photos from over our 48 Hours weekend...
(Photos courtesy of Anna Muirhead)

Trevor Bain (Campbell) contemplates his fate in prison

The Jersey Boys... (Matt, Dave, Tim, Terry)

Trevor Bain with a friendly jailer (Anna)

Doing our best impression of a Knitting Pattern pose ;-)

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Burt Hall Banana Republic Productions

    I have been a follower of the 48 hour film competition for 2 or 3 years, as a family member has been involved with an Auckland film making group. We watched the 2007 finals with interest on Sunday night, and we were just blown away by your entry, I think it was streets ahead of all the others. Trouble is the average C4 voter was only in kindergarten when the original subject matter of your film was unfolding, and would not have appreciated a lot of the finer details in your film. I appreciate the time and trouble you took to get the film to the finals, and congratulations on getting the audience award.

    Is it possible to see you film on line?


  2. Dave Gee Says:

    Cheers for your comments :-) We had fun making the film (the first for everyone in our team), and are the first to admit our cinematography and production values didn't compare with some of the top North Island ones, but then is that really what the spirit of the competition is about?

    Yes we are planning on putting our film online... Unfortunately, I'm overseas for a week, and our editor's on a touring show around the South Island. We'll hopefully get it up on youtube (and at within the next week or so...