Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Stay alert with Sustained Release Energy Tabs

Most people (including me ;-) can't function properly in the morning without a strong cup (or two) of coffee or tea. And anyone who knows me knows my caffeine pill-popping habit. (I even got in trouble back at summer camp, after someone confused my herbal "XTZ" tablets for something more potent ;-)

However, new research has revealed that if caffeine is consumed in low doses throughout the day, it can help you stay awake and alert for longer periods of time.

The US study found that giving small doses of caffeine every hour were more effective then a big dose in one or two large cups of coffee.

Researchers observed that while a large dose of caffeine is effective short term, the user crashes as the caffeine wears off, and often ends up feeling more tired than when they started.

A new sustained release energy pill has taken onboard this research, and combines caffeine with other energy igniting herbs to provide a steady flow of refreshing energy, that lasts all day.

Get More Energy When YOU Order Mr Energy 8-HR energy pills! The pills also help promote weight loss, by increasing your metabolism and fat burning ability, without the accompanying jitters often caused by energy products.
Among the beneficial herbs are Green Tea Leaf (boosts mood and energy), Cinnamon Twig (promotes blood circulation), Glucuronolactone (improves memory retention and concentration), Naringin (antioxidant and fat burner), Hoodia Gordonii (boosts metabolism, enhances energy).

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