Friday, 4 May 2007

Saints import sees Stars

Auckland Stars basketball player Casey Frank and Wellington Saints import Bakari Hendrix have both been suspended for one game, after being ejected from the teams' clash in Wellington last night.

The Stars (playing without any imports, after their original pair abruptly quit the country earlier this month) held on to beat the Saints by two points, 108-106.

According to one eyewitness, the clash between Frank and Hendrix began with a bit of chatter oncourt, before a shove and a head-butt led to the pair being ejected from the game.

A full on brawl then broke out in the corrider near the Auckland Stars changing room, with punches thrown between the pair, after officials from the two teams turned their attention to a photographer from the Dominion Post newspaper.

(Photo from the Dominion Post)
Both franchises are blaming each other for starting the brawl, with Wellington Saints CEO Nick Mills claiming the "aggro was sparked by Stars tactics", but Stars coach Kenny Stone insists Frank was provoked.

Basketball New Zealand has launched an immediate investigation, with the possibility of further sanctions to follow. NBL officials will consider game reports and video footage before deciding how far to take the enquiry.

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