Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Police choose not to Investigate their own

Quelle surprise. The Police Complaints Authority has decided not to investigate the "serious allegations spanning a 15 year period" about Police corruption, much of it focused on Dunedin.

The PCA claims it is unable to carry out a proper Commission of Inquiry, and says nothing more will be done, as no specific complaints have been laid since the Investigate magazine article, or its followup pieces online.

The printed story included sordid allegations of underage sex, drug dealing, bestiality, and other shocking behaviour by New Zealand Police officers, particularly focused on those working in Dunedin during the 1980's.

The MSM quickly picked up on the story about Police Commissioner Howard Broad and the dodgy movie he saw at a Police party in the 80's. However the Investigate magazine article also contained a lot more, wider ranging allegations which have been largely overlooked, as the Police "old boys network" swung into action.

One of those mentioned a couple of times was former Dunedin Detective Sgt Milton Weir, who was accused of being a pretty corrupt cop. As well as allegations of dodgy sexual behaviour, blackmail, and coverups, one witness told how she watched Weir at a cocaine-fueled party "chopping a cat to death in an absolute frenzy" with a bbq tool, after it rubbed up against his leg. She described him as "unstable".

Investigate publisher Ian Wishart says on the magazine's blog that since the story "we’ve been deluged with documents and information from current and former police telling us we’re right on target and telling us where to find more evidence."

As Wishart correctly points out, "The PCA relies on police to do its investigations which is a blatant conflict of interest".

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