Tuesday, 15 May 2007

John Key adopts another Labour policy

National Party leader seems intent on proving he's the best choice as New Zealand's next leader, with the latest 3 News-TNS political poll showing him as the country's preferred prime minister... the first time since '99 that someone other than Ms Cluck has held the top spot.

Unfortunately, Mr Key's method for securing that support seems to be ditching everything the National Party has worked and campaigned for over the last few years, and adopting as many Labour Party policies as he can.

In the latest National U-turn, Key has dropped his party's opposition to the Kyoto protocol, and introduced a target of "cutting climate change emissions by 50 per cent by 2050".

ACT Party leader Rodney Hide seems wary of this latest National Party policy change on his blog, with some justification... "Hmmm, what will that cost ... and the benefits are?"

Under Key's leadership, National have already given in to the Cullen-Saver scheme, backed down on its policy on market-related rents for state houses, and is expected to also backdown over interest-free loans for students.

Key seems to have swallowed the misinformation and outright lies presented as gospel by lefty scientists, greenies, and the mainstream media about "climate change" and "carbon emissions".

Unfortunately, much of the general public blindly believe the propaganda being recycled without question by the MSM, while viewing anyone who disagrees with the "official line" as a crackpot.

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