Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Hotel hunting on the net

I have blogged before about my overseas travels, and how plans are going for my annual trip with friends to the UK/Europe and USA around September. After spending 2 years living in the UK, and 5 seasons of summer camps in the USA, I've made sure I get back over at least once a year ever since.

We're just starting to look at flights and accommodation, and I've come across a great site that we'll use when booking hotels in London, Stockholm, and New York.

HotelReservations.com is a great site I've come across which lets you book a wide range of hotels in many countries around the world. There's also other types of accomodation like motels, resorts, and vacation rentals which will probably appeal to families and small groups.

I tried a search for hotels in London (where we'll be in early September), and the website returned a heap of different options, from the posh pricey ones that we'd like to be staying in, to the more reasonably priced ones we'll be looking at instead ;-)

You can search by Hotel name, Price, and Quality. You can also narrow down your search to find properties near certain landmarks, or ones with certain facilities like a Swimming Pool, Restaurant, or Fitness Centre.

The site seems to have some pretty competitive deals, and there are "special internet rates" with a number of the hotels, which the site says it can negotiate because of the number of reservations it processes.

You do have to pay for your reservations up-front by credit card to get the low rates, but I prefer that anyway as it makes it easier to budget for your holiday before you leave town.

I was also able to get a good list of Cheap Hotels for our short stay in Stockholm, Sweden. Our major US stop is in New York, so I'll have to hunt down a good cheap but well located hotel in Manhattan for our week there, as well as our weekend in Chicago on the way home.

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