Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Used Car Hunting Online

I've had a few cars over the years, mostly at what you'd describe as "the low end" of the market ;-) I started with an old Hillman Avenger when I was still at school. It ran okay, but unfortunately I managed to write it off after crashing into a lamppost when a tyre blew out!

A few other cheapie used cars followed... all had their own "issues" but were fine for my purposes of mostly running around town.

I bought my current car, a sports model Nissan Pulsar (a trainee "boy racer car") through an online auction. I'd looked at a bunch of used cars advertised in the newspaper (both car yards and private sales), but wasn't that impressed with any.

Going online though I found a good range of Cars For Sale in Dunedin. Now there's a site for car hunters in the USA and Canada, that looks very similar to the one I bought my car from. lets you search cars by make/model, and also by location... for example if you're looking for Used Cars New york. (That could be a popular one for summer camp counsellors keen to pick up a bargain for the post-camp coast-to-coast road trips!).

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