Tuesday, 17 April 2007

US trip planning continues

I posted recently about starting to plan for my annual trip to the UK and USA. It looks like there's just a small group of us going this year, but we'll definitely be checking in on New York City while in the States.

One place I still haven't got to though is Las Vegas. Last year, half of the group I was travelling with stopped over in Las Vegas, while the rest of us went down to LA to do the theme parks.

We're thinking of visiting Las Vegas this year, after how much the other guys raved about it. The former desert city turned gaming capital's now apparently enjoyed by almost 39 million visitors a year, staying in some of the most spectacular and unique hotels in the world.

But it seems its a hot place for real estate as well, with buyers looking for Highrise condos as the Casino strip goes vertical. There's some great luxury Hotel-Condos located directly on the Las Vegas strip... if you've got cash to burn! ;-)

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