Sunday, 22 April 2007

Speculation over Paid blog company acquisition

The web's fastest growing paid content company has told members it's made a "strategic acquisition" to add to its stable... but for now, isn't revealing what that company is, or what it does.

Posties/bloggers on the PPP forum are speculating about the possible purchase... with suggestions it may be an online ad company, which would complement their paid-blog side of the business, while also providing another revenue stream for their regular bloggers.

A recent post on the company's own blog revealed how paid blogging can be a cost effective method of online advertising. Posts can drive traffic long after they're made. People can read blog posts months later, either by visiting a site's archives, or by stumbling across them through a search engine.

A website stats company is another distinct possibility... Ted's company recently announced a deal to acquire analytics company Performancing late last year. The deal attracted some criticism and was eventually called off, with the site instead adopting Alexa and Technorati for site ranking.

Another possible growth area would be a social networking site... something like BlogCatalog or MyBlogLog, where bloggers can promote themselves and discover other sites.

Meanwhile, the company says it plans to announce some "radically new additions" to the sponsored opportunity service at September's TechCrunch20 conference. Again, there's not much hint as to what that'll be, other than the nickname "codename Birdo".

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