Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Planning the annual trip to the UK and NYC

Ever since I did my "big OE" in the UK, and then 5 seasons of Summer Camp in the USA, I've had to get out of New Zealand and back into the "big smoke cities" at least once a year ;-)

I usually catch up with friends and relations in London and Luton (just slightly north of London), before heading over to the USA.

Last September, group from back home met up in New York City, for a week or two of being tourists, shopping, and seeing heaps of Broadway shows. I love New York, especially Manhattan, and do most of my annual clothes shopping there!

Being the summer, we try to avoid the subway as much as possible, and it's often quicker to walk anyway. This does leave you with some tired legs at the end of the day, not to mention a sore back, neck, and sometimes a headache. Maybe next time we go, we'll have to check out a medical massage therapist in NYC.

I've never actually been to a Chiropractor, although I often get a sore neck. I do that head-twisting neck-cracking thing that's probably really bad for you ;-) and have a good stock of Ibuprofens!

We're currently in planning for this year's trip to the United States. It looks like there might be just a small bunch this year unfortunately, but we'll still have fun... there's some great new shows coming out, we'll stay at the "10 star" Hotel Cartier (!) and it's good to get a good summer break when it's still pretty cold in New Zealand.

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  1. Moray Says:

    Please tell me you aren't staying in the hotel carter!!

  2. Dave Gee Says:

    Yeh!! Nowhere else in Manhattan has quite the same mix of location, ambience, and daily surprises! Loves it ;-)