Monday, 30 April 2007

New Social Media site for Blogs

Social Media sites like digg and de.licious have changed As the Web 2.0 world grows, there's an increasing number of these types of sites, targetting specific niches.

One of these is The new site (still in beta) is aimed specifically at bloggers and blog readers. The web community encourages users to find and promote the most interesting blog posts and authors.

Members - called "HighFiverz" - control the site (no news agencies here), and share posts and blogs they think other people will enjoy. Fellow community members can either agree with their choice, by giving the post a 'HighFive'... or 'Pound It' if they strongly disagree.

Like similar Web 2.0 social communities, the most popular posts and blogs get promoted to the top of their lists, offering them the chance of more exposure and more incoming traffic. makes it easy for blog authors to find other bloggers with similar interests, by checking out what's popular in each of the topic categories.

The site is now trying to grow its social community, with a new Forums section to let HighFiverz discuss the site itself, the Blogosphere at large, and to help each other with the likes of Marketing and Promotion of blogs.

I just made a post about a site I found that lets you custom design your own Wordpress theme. The forum's a bit quiet at the moment, but once the community starts to grow it should be a great place to meet and network with other bloggers and readers.

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