Monday, 30 April 2007

Keep your money... You've earned it

Good news for workers in New Zealand. From today, everything you earn is now your own money.

Monday April 30th is New Zealand's Tax Freedom Day this year, described as the day when the average person stops working for the government and starts working for themselves.

That means the average kiwi has spent nearly a third of the year working to fund the pet projects of Hillin and Michal. Figures show kiwis are paying more tax than they should, with New Zealand's Tax Freedom Day falling three days later than last year.

Back in 2001, NZ Tax Freedom Day was celebrated on April 11th, but has moved steadily forward as government spending has increased.

However, chartered accountants Staples Rodway say New Zealand's real Tax Freedom Day could actually be in mid-June when all factors are included, and given that government spending last year was 4% higher than forecast.

The United States as a whole is also celebrating Tax Freedom Day today, while Australia celebrated it on Tuesday April 24th, and India paid off their tax burden back in mid-March.

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