Friday, 20 April 2007

Get Free Anti-Virus Software for your PC

The internet is great, but one of the biggest problems with surfing hundreds of sites around the world is the potential exposure to viruses. Computer viruses have been around almost as long as computers, and continue to evolve as their authors dream up new ways to get their viruses onto your PC.

Some cause just minor problems, like loading and running spyware or adware, but others can actually cause damage to your files, or in the worst cases destroy them altogether.

Good antivirus software is an absolute must, and is something all PC owners need to have. The problem is, most of the well known software packages are fairly expensive.

But good antivirus protection is now available for free. Yep, a genuine fully-functional version of the well respected Norton Antivirus is now available as a free Antivirus download.

The free software will automatically remove Viruses, Worms, and Trojans from your computer... and updates its Virus definition updates automatically (again, unlimited updates for free!), to ensure your computer is up to date and protected from the latest online nasties.

It's very simple to run and use, and comes recommended by some of the top tech websites and magazines - Check out the reviews here...

The software is compatible with Windows XP and the new Vista, and comes as part of the Google pack (which also offers an optional Anti-Spyware program... another must have to keep your PC happy and healthy).

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