Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Helping Vistors find your Blog

Promoting your website or blog is a challenge for any webmaster/ blogger. With millions of sites on the internet, how can you make sure yours is noticed? I've had a personal website since the late 90's, and been blogging for the few years. It takes time to build up traffic and readers, and to get noticed by the search engines.

The trend towards RSS feeds is helping build regular regulars for blogs. I recently signed up with Feedburner, which helps consolidate your site feed in one place, improves the look of it for readers, and offers detailed statistics and other helpful features.

Exchanging links with other similar sites is also a great way of building your site, as is getting your site listed in the many online Blog Directories.

One website offering free Blog submission and other Webmaster resources is ManhattanService.

Run by a Search Engine Optimization professional, this site offers free submissions to hundreds of Web Directories... many of which were new to me, and will keep me busy for the next few days submitting to all those that are relevant to my sites ;-)

Rusak also offers more advanced Web Promotion services for a fee (tailored to your individual budget), like Competitor Analysis, Link Building, Traffic Building, and Search Engine Optimization. He also operates a good SEO blog, and seems to have a lot of experience in this important area for webmasters.

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