Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Otago University Toga Parade 2007

Otago Orientation season has kicked off in Dunedin, with the traditional First Day Toga Parade.

New students rip the sheets off their beds and raid their hostel gardens to create authentic-looking Roman head wreaths.

The annual Toga Parade begins outside the Dunedin Dental School, and then heads along George Street (Dunedin's main street) to finish up in the Octagon. The route is the same as the one most of these students will make in a few years time in a black gown, when they celebrate their graduation from Otago University...

Dunedin's Police lead off Otago's First Year Toga Parade '07

A group of first year girls play up for the TV cameras

The race is on to get to the Octagon

Dancing in the streets of Dunedin

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