Tuesday, 13 February 2007

New Zealand Cheese Rolling Champs

The 2nd Annual New Zealand Cheese Rolling Championships were held in Southland last week in brilliantly fine conditions (unlike last year's mudfest!)

Based on the popular UK Cheese Rolling Champs, this kiwi version was started by the Henderson family in 2006. The family open up their family farm in Waikaka, Wendon Valley for the event.

Described as a bit of an "extreme sport", runners must chase after a round block of cheese, which is let loose from the top of a very steep hill (resulting in a lot of faceplants on the way down ;-) First person to 'capture the cheese' at the bottom wins!

In the UK, competitors chase after seven kg wheels of Double Gloucester... but here in the deep south, it's a smaller four kg block of Whitestone Windsor Blue, which organisers reckon has been selected specifically for local conditions.

The Grand Cheesemaster explains the rules of Cheese Rolling
to some of the event's younger competitors...

Local lad Tom McKay (in the white t-shirt) on his way to winning
the title of Grand Cheese Rolling Champion '07...

One winning runner struggles to keep hold of the 4kg block of cheese...

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