Wednesday, 31 January 2007

An Eclectic Library of Articles

An increasing number of "Web 2.0" sites have been hitting the internet recently, and one of the interesting ones I've come across is Encyclocentral.

The eclectic site hosts an alphabetised library of thousands of articles covering a huge range of topics, with an emphasis on products and services available online. The main page lists the most recent articles, as well as ranking them by how popular they are.

Starting with the A's, there was an article on Antique Jewelry which gave me a quick lesson in period piece jewellery through the ages.

But it was an article on the front page of the website that proved more intriguing... Elite Titles. I discovered I could actually become a legitimate Lord, Duke, Baron, or Count (for a small payment ;-)

The non-seated titles are sold on a "first come, first served basis" (they apparently check there is not "an existing person with a similar Title granted by Royalty, Government, or Inherited by birthright").

Seated titles are rarer and more expensive, but include a named area of land, and give you the legal right to be called the Lord and Lady of (for example) Westminster. (I might start saving!...)

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