Friday, 19 January 2007

Amazing Race All-Stars Revealed

After months of speculation and rumours, CBS has finally announced the official lineup for the upcoming All-Stars edition of The Amazing Race.

Eleven former teams will return for The Amazing Race: All-Stars Edition, including former million dollar winners Uchenna & Joyce (Season 7).

One of my all-time favourite teams will be back, trying again to win the top prize... former Survivor stars Rob and Amber Mariano. Other popular pairs include Jon Vito & Jill (Season 3, though no longer a couple), Beauty queens Dustin & Kandice (Season 10), and Kentucky couple David & Mary (Season 10).

The only "new" team is Eric Sanchez and Danielle Turner... who met as competitors in Season 9, but began dating once their race ended. Other firey teams are grumpy old couple Teri & Ian (Season 3) and Joe & Bill, aka 'Team Guido' (Season 1).

The 11 teams will compete on a gruelling month-long trek around the world, for the $1 million prize.

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