Thursday, 14 December 2006

Alas poor Don, We knew him well...

New Zealand lost another sensible and intelligent politician this week, as Don Brash bowed out of politics. Brash's retirement came just weeks after he resigned as leader of the National Party, and after a short 4 1/2 career as an MP.

The MSM loved to pick up on his stumbles, and worked hard to promote controversy with his speeches. The lefty liberals labelled his accurate call of "One law for all New Zealanders" as racism, and couldn't understand that they were so out of touch with much of the country.

In his now famous Orewa 1 speech, Brash quite rightly voiced concern about the growing trend towards racial separatism based on the Treaty of Waitangi. He expressed concerns about the trend of race-based favouritism in policy-making, and in Government departments.

Don Brash also showed what National are in danger of losing with their new direction... A clear understanding of why a Policy Spending War between the two major parties is not in the best interests of real hard-working New Zealanders...

"We need to re-establish the principle of personal responsibility, re-affirm the importance of family and community, and turn our back on the politics of envy, where the party that wins is the one that can take $25,000 off a hard-working Kiwi and spread it around to win the maximum number of votes among those who aren't so hard-working."

The Ghost of Christmas Past, with her offsider The Christmas Grinch

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