Wednesday, 22 November 2006

Labour's big whip around revealed

Cor lummy! You'll need a solid stomach for the latest allegations out of Investigate Magazine HQ...

MP David Benson-Pope, Labour's former Associate Minister of Education and current Minister of Social Development (including the Child, Youth and Family Service) is accused of being a pervert. Again.

Investigate's breaking story involves some very adult allegations about Benson-Pope's after hours hobbies... Quite shocking if they can prove there's any truth in the detailed claims. No word yet on where he stands on the anti-smacking bill.

* Update: Investigate Online claims to have an audio recording of a phone conversation with members of the Dunedin adult club that Benson-Pope is alleged to have been connected with. The magazine's news forum claims one of the members admits lying to a journalist (ODT?) about links with the MP, denies knowing other key members of the group, and discusses combat measures for the leaked information.

David Benson-Pope has yet to made any public statement on the allegations, other than to ask "When would I have time for this?", and issuing legal warnings. The MP failed to turn up for his regular weekly interview with a Dunedin radio station, and has not returned calls to the local paper.

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  1. Barnsley Bill Says:

    I can't believe this story did not go further

  2. Dave Gee Says:

    Surprised me too, especially with the extensive research Ian Wishart and Investigate had done. Just goes to show, never underestimate the power of the left wing "mainstream media" and the control Labour has over it