Monday, 2 October 2006

Waiting for the big story to break

Former Detective Sergeant Lew Proctor has told the NZ Herald he's preparing to release shocking revelations about a certain person (or persons), which he claims will be "the biggest story in 20 years".

It's believed Proctor and other private investigators (including Wayne Idour) have been following PM Mrs Peter Davis and her husband around for the last few months, as well as other "high-ranking MPs".

Proctor told the paper his targets were people who "have a lot to hide". The investigation is continuing, but he expected to received the final pieces of information on Wednesday this week.

He claims he's been contracted by a member of the Exclusive Brethren church to do the digging, with some of the information coming from outside New Zealand, including the United States.

PM Hillin Cluck described Proctor's comments as "close to blackmail", and has already threatened an inquiry into private investigators.

Proctor says he has already been followed this week... he believes by the Security Intelligence Service. He told the NZ Herald, the public would see "the reason why members of a certain party are just little wee bit upset ... about these private investigators who have been let loose on them".

Labour are dismissing the claims as "fanciful", with Party president Mike Wulliams insisting he has "no concerns whatsoever".

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