Tuesday, 26 September 2006

Labour two-stepping to the dogs?

The latest NZ Herald-DigiPoll reveals voters are less than impressed with the recent antics of the Labour Party. The poll has National in front on 45.7%, with Labour behind on 38%. It follows the weekend One News/Colmar Brunton poll, which had National on 49% and Labour stuck on 38%.

The polls come after revelations about National Party leader Don Brash's affair, and the alleged actions by the Exclusive Brethren. (National now say they won't have anything more to do with them, while Labour and the Greens are planning retalitory law changes, aimed at stripping the sect of labour law exemptions which prevent union access to their workplaces).

Labour's continued slump in popularity comes despite attempts by PM Hillin Cluck, and her strategic henchmen Pete Hodgson and Trevor Mallard, to divert attention from Labour's election overspending saga.

Pete & Trev show off their best dance moves at the launch of an anti-obesity campaign... Hat Tips: Spare Room & Kiwiblog).

The Labour party's refusing to pay back hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxpayers' money which was used illegally to fund a pre-election "Pledge Card". The PM and her MPs continue to deny claims the Labour Party is corrupt. However, the Herald-DigiPoll suggests voters believe otherwise... 51.8% agree Dr Brash was right to call Labour "Corrupt".

Meanwhile, private investigator Wayne Idour has admitted he was paid by the Exclusive Brethren (through a third party) to spy on Labour MPs, including tennis fan David Benson-Pope, chewing gum entrepreneur Michael Cullen, and David Parker.

Mr Idour says he's "disgusted" at what his investigations have revealed about current Labour MPs. Idour told the NZ Herald, "A lot of the information I have been uncovering about the Government is very dishonest, and if the public knew - and they have a right to know - my view is ... there would be a by-election tomorrow." (I wonder how soon before the public does get to hear these new revelations?...)

Meanwhile, rebel National MP Brian Connell, charged by colleagues with leaking the information about Dr Brash, was today suspended from the party's caucus. He remains National's MP for Rakaia for the moment, but is considering his future.

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