Wednesday, 27 September 2006

Ain't Nothin' New, Just Keeps Comin' Around

Legendary 80's teen stars, Corey Haim and Corey Feldman are reuniting on the small screen in a new reality tv show. The actors were big business in the late 80's, starring together in a run of popular teen movies, including Blown Away, License to Drive, Dream a Little Dream, and The Lost Boys.

US Cable network A&E has commissioned 8 episodes of a new reality show (ok, they're calling it an "unscripted sitcom"), titled The Coreys: Return of the Lost Boys. In the show, Corey Haim reunites with his old best friend, and moves in with Feldman and his wife Susie to test whether three really is a crowd.
The show will also update viewers on what the pair have been up to over the last decade or two (a string of movie flops, lots of drugs, rehab, and a bit of rock 'n' roll...)

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Meanwhile, from the UK comes the news that cult 90's BBC2 drama This Life is being revived for a 10th Anniversary 90-minute special.
The show revolved around the lives of a group of young lawyers, who share a flat in South London. This Life - Ten Years On will catch viewers up on what Milly, Egg, Miles, Anna and Warren have been up to for the last ten years.

This Life originally ran for two seasons in the late 90's. It created a number of stars, including Jack Davenport (Miles), Andrew Lincoln (Egg), and the brilliant Daniela Nardini (Anna). However, the racy drama came under critcism for its shaky camera style, and its depiction of "casual sex, drug taking, and binge drinking".

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  1. Jade Olliver Says:

    That's so cool! I was a HUGE Corey Feldman fan in High School. Had heaps of posters and cut outs, plus a dubbed copy of most of his movies.
    I realise now that he's a pretty crap actor, but oh how I loved him.