Thursday, 17 August 2006

London Life

Arrived safely in London yesterday... Long boring wait (without my book or ipod) in a gated-off transit lounge in LA for two hours on the way. In theory you weren't supposed to carry anything other than essential travel documents on flights thru to the UK, but many people seemed to get through with their books and even food.

It's not too hot in London which is good, altho it's forecast to rain now through until early next week, which isn't so good. Managed to meet up with Matty Landreth last night, and we checked out the new revival production of the musical "Evita" with Philip Quast and an authentic-latin-american actress as Eva Peron. Great set and reworking of the show, but we weren't that impressed by the lead actress.

Checking out Shakespeare's Globe Theatre on the Southbank
(Matt went to a performance, I limited myself to a quick visit ;-)

We headed up to Camden market this morning... Got a few pairs of sunnies, and other bits and pieces... could have bought a whole suitcase full of slogan-t-shirts for myself and others, but didn't ;-) My suitcase is already tagged with an orange 'Heavy' tag!

Also looked in on "Cyberdog" - a great rave clothing/accessory store around Camden market. They have a whole area with UV lights, and glo-in-the-dark style clothing... some with flashing electronic pictures and scrolling words... very cool, but pretty expensive, and you wouldn't wear them very often!

Meeting up with some more Dunedin Operatic peoples in London tomorrow... Meeting Hugh and Dwayne during the day to do lunch and a bit of sightseeing... then we're all meeting up with Victoria in the evening for dinner, and to see the musical The Last Five Years.
Hugh claimed he was scared of heights, but we managed to persuade him to ride the London Eye!

The lads visit Canary Wharf for lunch

The TGIF menu said "To Share", but the photo Did look really small! ;-)

Outside the Menier Chocolate Factory Theatre, after 'The Last Five Years'
On Friday I nip up to Limerick (Ireland) to catch up with Marcin (an old Polish summer camp mate) for a few days, before coming back down to Luton (where I lived for two years while on my 'Kiwi OE'.

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  1. Jade Olliver Says:

    Glad you got there ok. Albeit boring. According to the news here we're allowed to bring small bags onto the flights now. No more of that plastic rubbish. And I WILL be bringing a book!
    Have 86% packed my suitcase, complete with extra bag inside it just in case I buy too much (which I'm sure I will).
    See you in NY in a week!


  2. Heine Says:

    All ok now mate. And the weather is back to 25+ which is nice for Sept weather. Hope you had fun in Londontown!