Sunday, 13 August 2006

Flying Away

I'm just doing the final preparations for leaving off on my overseas travels tomorrow... I have repacked my suitcase into small clear plastic bags, and will take a few good books ;-)

I'm flying to London first (via LAX - Aargh!) for a week, then head up to Ireland for a few days (Limerick), and back to England to Luton (where I lived for 2 years).

This week I'll be catching up with Victoria (who's just started her OE in London), plus Matt, Hugh, and Dwayne who are all on holiday in Europe and will also be in the city this week.

After the UK, I'm heading over to New York to catch up with a bunch from Dunedin Operatic to do shows in the city, then down to San Fran for a weekend, and LA for rollercoasters on the way home.

I'll try and blog a few highlights along the way (and maybe photos if the internet cafes like my camera? ;-)

* Cartoon from: The Australian

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