Wednesday, 26 July 2006

Hoff - The Musical!

No, this is not a joke. The one and only David Hasselhoff (star of Knight Rider, Baywatch, and German/Swiss Pop Superstar) is to star in a musical based on his own life.

David Hasselhoff: The Musical will open in Melbourne, before moving to United States. He's no stranger to the theatre stage, having performed in the musical Jekyll & Hyde on Broadway, and as Billy Flynn in Chicago on the West End.

The Hoff says, "I was offered to go on tour in Australia starting last December with just a concert, and then they came up with the idea for (the musical)".

"It sounds like a bad joke, but it is really going to be a good show...totally campy".

The Hoff is currently a judge on NBC's America's Got Talent in the USA. He is preparing to release his autobiography "Making Waves" in September, and is still recording smash hit pop records in his spare time. His latest release Jump in my Car - where he parodies his performance as Michael Knight in Knight Rider — hit the dizzying heights of #50 on the Australian charts... (Watch the video below and you might see why it didn't go any further ;-)

A group of UK fans have launched a website, Get Hasselhoff to Number 1, aimed at getting David Hasselhoff's 1980 European hit single Looking for Freedom to the top of the UK music charts, through internet downloads. When 75,000 people have signed up, a "Hoff Alert" email will be sent out encouraging fans to buy the digital download, and hopefully send the Hoff to the top of the UK singles chart.

The Guinness Book of Records lists the Big D as the "Most Watched Star on Television" . Another site dedicated to him is Drop It Like It's Hoff. It features hundreds of Photoshopped images (like the ones shown here), featuring David Hasselhoff as the star of Movies, TV Shows, Sports, or pictured with Famous Celebrities.

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