Monday, 8 May 2006

Lost's Bad Twin book a Bestseller

Fans of the hit ABC TV drama series Lost have made a mysterious novel a US bestseller.

The book Bad Twin is supposedly written by Gary Troup, one of the victims of the doomed Flight 815 in the hit television series Lost. The fictional author's name is an anagram of the word "purgatory", spurning internet chat that the characters on Lost may all have died in the plane crash, and are now in purgatory on the island.

Publicity over the show and the book have pushed Bad Twin into Amazon's Top 20 bestseller list. (The actual author of the book hasn't been revealed, although some fans are tipping Bad Twin may be the work of Stephen King). The publishers official promo states, "The author didn't survive the plane crash, but his manuscript did".

"Bad Twin is the highly-anticipated new novel by acclaimed mystery writer Gary Troup. Bad Twin was delivered to Hyperion just days before Troup boarded Oceanic Flight 815, which was lost in flight from Sydney, Australia to Los Angeles in September 2004. He remains missing and is presumed dead".

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