Monday, 8 May 2006

Broadband TV is here!

American TV Network CBS is the latest to embrace the internet revolution, and launch its own standalone Broadband-only web broadcast network.

Their online channel, innertube is promoted as a "High-speed broadband channel featuring original programming, with hot new shows and cool new stars".

CBS says the channel's programming will be free to watch, supported by advertising spots and product-placement, just like regular TV.

Already online are a new frathouse makeover show Geek to Chic, a special featuring Irish Magician/Illusionist Keith Barry, and a behind-the-scenes Beyond Survivor show. CBS are promising innertube will eventually feature repeats of current shows, along with new programming. This channel can be viewed by web surfers worldwide (for the moment, anyway ;-)

CBS's offering follows the recent decision by the ABC network to offer some of its most popular television shows, including Lost, Desperate Houswives, and Alias over the internet. The episodes include three one-minute interactive advertisments, which can't be skipped over by viewers. However, their viewing is restricted to surfers in the United States.

ABC are also launching an interactive game, The Lost Experience. The web-based game will feature a parallel storyline that is not part of the TV show.
Time Warner meanwhile was the first to offer a major broadband TV network, with their channel In2TV. It boasts the largest
collection of free TV shows anywhere on the Web. The internet tv channel (run in association with AOL) features a wide range of programming from Warner's vaults, including Eight is Enough, Growing Pains, Spenser for Hire, and Wonder Woman.

The Fox TV network is also offering clips from hit shows like 24 and American Idol and original online shows like The Late Night Fox Show and behind-the-scenes talkshow, 24 Inside.

The NBC network have a range of programme promo clips online, plus extras like The Office 'Public Service Announcements'. UPN also have an online section with show clips and behind-the-scenes specials.

The offerings from the New Zealand tv networks, State TV and TV3 are limited to highlights from their News and Current Affairs programming.

All we need here in New Zealand now is for Telecom's rivals to offer surfers some decent broadband speeds, so we can actually watch all this Broadband TV content without the picture suddenly freezing, or quickly going over our small monthly data quota ;-)

* More reading: Free TV Shows on the Internet - But only in the United States.

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