Tuesday, 28 March 2006

Jetsetting to the bustling West Coast

I've travelled quite a bit around New Zealand, but somehow had managed to avoid ever going near the busy metropolis that is NZ's West Coast ;-)

That finally changed recently when I was filling in for a few days up in the Christchurch office... One afternoon Joe (the cameraman) and I got rushed over to Westport to do an update story on the ongoing rare-snails vs. West Coast miners story.

We flew back the same day, but then had to fly back in the same general direction the next day to cover a story in Karamia (It's okay, I'd never even heard of the place either ;-) Nice little town is was tho... their only gas station was closing down, and they were having to get their own petrol and diesel trucked in, which the info centre was distributing.

Another long day... while I was tapping a script-of-sorts up on the laptop, Joe (and his son-in-law who came along as a camera assistant) took the opportunity to have a quick snooze on the way back to office ;-)

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Andy gets a bit bored by all the mountains

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Who's that scruffy guy in the suit? ;-)

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