Tuesday, 6 September 2005

Rivals See Red over Labour's Junk Mail Drop

The National Party is accusing Labour of abusing taxpayer funds, by using Government money to pay for their political propaganda.

Labour has had a copy of its 'Seven Point Pledge' card delivered to homes around New Zealand, tucked inside a glossy brochure.

Fair enough, it's election campaign time. The problem is, both the card and the pamphlet feature the Parliamentary Crest, which means the advertising pieces are funded by the taxpayer.

How on earth can a party (albeit one leading a minority Government at the moment) get away with using State funds for blatent electioneering? The pledge card has been a core part of Labour's election campaign, and isn't simply an information brochure on policies already adopted (as most people accept the rules mean).

The pledge card Mrs Peter Davis had delivered to potential voters in 1999 were paid for and delivered by Labour Party fans. The National Party says Labour's campaining on the public purse, and should refund the money they're using in an attempt to get re-elected.

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