Sunday, 11 September 2005

"I don't do small gatherings"

It seems that some Labour politicians have "better things to do" than speaking at small-time "Meet the Candidates" meetings.

I was just reading on Aaron's Bhatnagar's blog that Labour's Judith Tizard walked out on one such meeting this afternoon, after finding out no media were present. She decided the 50 plus people who did attend the meeting at Forbe's Frontbench were not worth her time, asking the audience to Party Vote Labour, before announcing she had "better things to do" and leaving.

Her place was taken by another high profile Labour offspring, Stuart Nash, who's currently heading for a bronze medal in Epsom. By all accounts he was very well received by the audience, after being put on the spot once Tizard had departed.

* More details on Aaron's site: Judith Tizard - MP for Arrogant Central

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  1. Rob Good Says:

    Tizard is nasty.