Saturday, 20 August 2005

One News ditches Exec. Producer

Expect a few changes on State TV's One News over the coming weeks and months, following the news that Executive Producer Melanie Jones has left the building.

According to the papers, Jones finished work at 10am yesterday (Friday), after a meeting with TVNZ's Head of News Bill Ralston.

It follows a slow but steady slide in the ratings for flagship show One News, as viewers moved across to rival 3 News... a rating's slide which has accelerated over the last four months.

Concerns that John Campbell and Carol Hirschfeld's move to their own 7pm show, Campbell Live could hit the ratings of 3 News proved wrong.

Campbell Live has performed better than TV3's initial expectations, while Hilary Barry and Mike McRoberts have proven a successful combination as news presenters at 6pm.

(Maybe TV One could return to a 2 presenter format? What about sitting Simon Dallow beside Judy... a competent presenter and a very intelligent interviewer to boot).

The changes at TV One will also likely impact late night news show, Tonight, which still has ratings problems when pitched against TV3 rival show Nightline, now presented by former reporter Carly Kirkwood.

State TV's move comes just weeks after Prime Television decided to cancel Paul Holmes' weeknightly current affairs show, which had continued to struggle in the ratings after moving to 6pm opposite One News and 3 News.

* NZ Herald: 'One News' chief out after ratings slide

Update: One News presenter Judy Bailey has come out in support of Melanie Jones in today's Sunday Star Times. It says other senior members of the news team were very angry about Bill Ralston's decision, and questions whether Bailey's comments could hint at problems when TVNZ come to renegotiate her contract later in the year.

* Stuff: News star joins fray over axing

* NZ Herald: Speculation grows over Jones' dismissal

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