Friday, 19 August 2005

Benson-Pope Encourages Vandalism

David Benson-Pope has resorted to gutter politics in his home electorate of Dunedin South.

Following a recent "Meet the Candidates" meeting in Mosgiel, just south of Dunedin City, Benson-Pope slapped a Labour sticker on the car bumper of National Party candidate, Conway Powell.

Benson-Pope publicly accepted responsibility for the incident on local television tonight, but tried to brush it off as just a harmless bit of fun.

However, many people may remember DBP's own response to people sticking things on other people's property...

During the debate over the Civil Union Bill, protestors pasted spoof-Tui-billboard posters to the window of Benson-Pope's Dunedin South electorate office.

DBP was outraged, even calling on Police to call round to the alledged offenders' home, to collect money to pay for the cost of removing the posters.

Conway Powell is rightly disgusted as DBP's actions, and his arrogant response. Can we take from Benson-Pope's actions that he's concerned his safe Labour seat might be challenged?? He should be having a ball on the campaign trail!?

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  1. Phil Says:

    Hardly the stuff to threaten the foundations of democracy in New Zealand, or warrant such a po-faced diatribe. It's only a bumper sticker.

  2. sam Says:

    and those posters on his window were only posters on his window but it says he wasn't happy about that. the point is he is a government mp and shouldn't be promoting any acts of vandalism

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Perhaps someone in Dunedin should put National bumper stickers on his windows and then we'll get Katharine Rich to tell him to lighten up when he gets all irate.

    Why does Labour send their bully-boys to Dunedin?