Saturday, 23 July 2005

Coke not drug of choice for Kiwis

The frenzy continues over the possible identities of the "two celebrity sportsmen" caught up in the recent Auckland drugs bust, with debates raging over the pros and cons of name suppression.

Meanwhile, as Police reveal their investigations have "thrown up the names of other celebrities", suggestions of a range of kiwi sports stars and other celebrities also being passed around via email, and on internet message boards and chatrooms.

However today's NZ Herald quotes one New Zealand Police officer (
Detective Senior Sergeant Dave Potaka, who oversees the National Drug Intelligence Bureau), as saying Cocaine isn't a huge problem in New Zealand. An economist says that's because its a "rich person's drug" here..

It seems the apparently high cost of Cocaine, E, and
methamphetamines puts kiwis off those drugs. Meanwhile, daily newspaper court reports are full of people appearing for cannibas offences (the peasant people's drug of choice).

The story also notes:
In Britain, cocaine has become the drug of choice for the middle classes, who dub it "Charlie".

Speaking on his first day as Britain's top policeman, Sir Ian Blair said this year: "People are having dinner parties where they drink less wine and snort more cocaine."

He criticised them for wrongly believing it was "socially acceptable" to enjoy a "wrap of Charlie" at weekends.

* Full story here... NZ Herald: Stars ask 'who's next' after drugs bust

In unrelated news, it looks like a good few weeks on the telly ahead... The hilarious BBC comedy series Little Britain returns for a second season, beginning Sunday night (24th July) at 9.50 pm on Prime TV.
* Prime TV: Little Britain Series 2

Another good sketch comedy series to catch is Skithouse (from Rove's production company). The Aussie show's now sadly buried on TV3 at 11.20 pm on Monday nights, but is worth staying up for.

The new series of Survivor (in Palau) starts this Tuesday (July 26th) at 8.30 pm on TV3.
* TV3: Survivor: Palau

Meanwhile the hilarious duo of Marc Ellis and Matthew Ridge return the following Tuesday (2nd August) for a new series of travel antics. This time they're travelling around South America...
* TV2: Matthew and Marc's Rocky Road to South America

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