Friday, 1 April 2005

TV3 Cameras banned from Parliament by Madame Speaker

* National Business Review (NBR) - TV3 banned from Parliament

Little Maggy Wilson has gone and banned TV3 Cameras from shooting proceedings in Parliament for one week (from next Monday), allegedly because they breached rules by showing Associate Education Minister David Benson-Pope fast asleep in Parliament.

It's her attempt to try and get a bit of revenge, after being quite accurately made to look like an ineffectual nutcase recently by ACT's Rodney Hide and Richard Prebble.

However, it seems Mags hasn't banned cameras from her bezza-mate Helen Clark's favourite channel, State TV One, despite the fact that they apparently also broadcast an image of Benson-Pope fast asleep on the job (albeit a copy of TV3's footage).

(Exchange in Parliament...)
Rodney Hide: I raise a point of order, Madam Speaker. I wonder whether I could seek the leave of the House to have the bell rung in order to wake up the Minister of Education, David Benson-Pope, for question time.

Madam SPEAKER: That is not a valid point of order.

* Diary entry on David B-P's nursery time from Rodney Hide's blog

Here's hoping the media will now treat Mags Wilson with the respect she deserves ;-) Look for some sort of scandal involving Wilson to come out in the lead up to the General Election...

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