Saturday, 5 March 2005

cd:uk - Welcome to New Zealand

welcome to cd:uk

A great day in the life of Dave's weekly tv viewing, as the legendary UK music show cd:uk finally comes to New Zealand tv on C4 (even if we are getting it just as VJ Cat Deeley has left the show ;-(

Kiwi TV has had brief flirtations with the UK music scene in the past, with a feed of MTV-UK for a year or two, followed by nothing until we got a weekly broadcast of the UK's Top of the Pops.

That was okay (although State TV's TVNZ would edit out 2 or 3 songs a week to make room for commercials)...

However things got worse when... 1. Andi Peters took over producing it and ruined the UK TOTP, and then... 2. State TV decided to steal some money from NZ on Air, ramped it up to an hour, got rid of most all the decent UK acts and filled the show with a pile of dodgy kiwi tosh instead.

So, Yay for C4 TV... And nice one for sticking cd:uk right up against State TV2's "Top" of the "Pops". Looking forward to watching the show on kiwi telly for a long time to come!...

C4 Music Television

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