Thursday, 20 January 2005

Hard at work

Life's been pretty busy lately... been travelling around a lot doing stories for 3 News, as well as getting a new set and things ready for the new look 9 Local News.

We started back with the nightly news at Channel 9 on Monday, and everything went pretty smoothly for the first day back, especially considering we were still wallpapering and screwing together the flats for the set on Monday morning ;-)

I'll post a few shots of our new look in day or two, but for now here's a few shots that I've been meaning to get up from a story we did the weekend before last on flash flooding in the lower South Island.

It's been the most bizzare summer here in NZ, and these pics are from a little town called Heriot which suffered quite badly in the flash flooding. One farmer had thirty two fences down, lots of stock killed, and really soggy paddocks...

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